Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Toshiba @ work @ play event

 Heyya,here us the booth of Toshiba event @ Mid Valley on 24 to 28 Sept. Really have fun working parttime here during my sem break. Nice to know all of the Toshiba lovely staffs, and 6 of us, the 6 pax of brand ambassadors.
Hera we are, 6 of us here.
Feel great to work with u guys and gals. Really have fun even just within 5 days with u all. Miss those days!
6 of us again. Thank to eddy and other staffs for arrange and guide us in these 5 days.
Renne and me @ play.Yea,what i mean "@ play" ?
U can see the booth group with 3 small booths. Two of them are actually design as an office environment and home feel environment. We are acting a skit(short drama) to explain how to work at home using Toshiba products and its technologies.

Joan and Joseph @ work. However they work in the office to show how convenient to do work by using Toshiba machine.

And we show the Voip connection with each other without internet connection.Cool right~Sem break was over and started my year 3 sem3 short sem now. Keep in touch ya friends....take care!

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