Thursday, May 22, 2008

my holiday

Above pic with the photographers and genji.Thank to model galaxies give me the chance to get some ad shoot and a free profile shoot at futagoza. That was great for me to learn something about photography and know new friends.

feel free and boring during holidays, nothing to do without online at PJ.. and the worst thing is i can't even online at my hometown home.. but it helps me to continue my painting using the time..if not i won't be so hardworking to complete my drawing then..:p, erm, i think i will draw my family for my next picture. i drew many posters or potraits of other people but not even one of my family i will start to draw people who close to me, my family and friends.I get an very important msg from the szechuan case and feel sad with it.Everyone have to treasure what u having now.your family, friends and everything around you.Let's pray for them..

my latest artwork was completed~yeah~


Friday, May 9, 2008

Models Magazine 2nd issue

Join this magazine during february with friends, and it finally launch..i just get it from MPH bookstores yesterday at Mid Valley.Feel suprising when i saw it accidentally!!! a page of mine! Feel frustrated that they key in wrong words for my name and email!! My surname NG become ENG..Haihh~~well, i create the email that printed there to so that can keep connected. or else what can i do?? hope to get more jobs through this and helps me to get close with advertising and career. :)