Monday, September 14, 2009

men's uno Model Search 09

men's uno Model Search 09

Date : 16 October 09
Time : 7pm
Venue : Bintang Circle,
Pavilion KL

Main Sponsor: ORIS

Time to Vote! :D

men's uno Model Search SMS voting will start on 16 Sept 09 12.00am until 15 October 09 11.59pm.


& send to 32888

thks for your support!

Here are the 12 contestants photos:

Justin, George, Hwei Hou

Yen, Adrian, Billy

Lawrence, Calvin, Kee

Joel, Aetzakhy,V-Lee

To make sure u all dun forget, i need to be long winded..

SMS  MU 08

& send to 32888



further info check out mens uno facebook :


Friday, April 10, 2009

Wow..long time not being here

Got a long time never update my blog.cause don have the habit of blogging seriously.But still will update if wana say something or share something..

thks for the friends who still support my blog!

return soon..


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Catch me on Ntv 7 this 22 Nov~~J-mode search 2008!!

Dear all,
I have made it to the final for the J-model Search!!
Catch me on ntv7 this 22 November 1:30pm for a live interview session. The grand finale will be held at Cineleisure on the 29 and 30 November…. Please drop by and give me some support!!!
Also, please please please vote for me….
Type JM 2 send to 36113. 50 cents will be charge per sms. Thanks!!

more info:

Monday, November 3, 2008


相信大家都听过这样**的问题吧..当你的爱人和母亲同时掉进湖里,你会先救谁?你会怎么回答, 怎么作出选择呢? 或许这不是很好的例子.就比方说而已啦..

当遇上这种情形, 真的左右为难..手掌是肉,手背又是肉…该怎么取舍呢?来个深呼吸,深思深思..作出两全其美,不然…就残酷21吧 !

Thanks Elaine.. bye freshlook > <

Friday, October 31, 2008

Jasmine magazine November issue- J-mode search 2008

 Jasmine magazine November issue 2008

 J-mode search 2008

 这一项维持2天的总决赛,将在11月尾于Cineleisure隆重举行!《Jasmine》特别邀请多位歌手到现场表演,且还安排许多丰富节目,让到场的朋友感受热闹气氛,并见证 J-Mode Search 2008男女冠军得主诞生!


1.出席的表演嘉宾有:满江宏、绕燕婷、罗忆诗、Will黄威尔、黄启铭 ... 

2.由Lacoste Eyewear、Olympus、Yeo’s 、2%、My Diamond 呈献的精彩时尚秀,以及最具创意DIY发型奖比赛。


4当天也有趣味的现场互动游戏,商家准备了丰富奖金礼品等着你来赢取!凡在当天购买一本最新《Jasmine》杂志,将能换取 Fasio 免费美容咨询服务,2%、Yeo’s 和 My Diamond 送出的丰富礼卷与产品等。

总决赛的艺人评判:May Wan 、Choy Wan 、Emmeline Ng


-J-Mode Search 2008 男女冠军得主
-Olympus 最上镜小姐&最上镜先生
-Kenko Fish Spa 最健康形象奖


日期 :29 & 30 / 11 / 08(星期六 & 星期日)
时间 :11am ~ 7 pm
地点 :Concourse,Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara

Type JM 2 to 36113
JM 2
JM 2
JM 2
Thanks for your votes and support!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Freslook Intercampus search 2008

Freshlook Intercampus search 2008 is now started the voting session. There are 50 pairs of freshlook teams waiting for u guys and gals supportssss!! Come and visit and see all the top 50 and vote for your favourites!! Its free!!!!

You have to sign up as a voter before u start voting. Each day u have 5 votes by online in freshlooksearch2008 official website itself. once u sign up as a voter everyday there are 5 votes in your hand...dun waste it and make sure u vote everyday~~~Best voters are going to win freshlook products and cash total worth RM2000!!!

SO what are you waiting for??!! COME and ViSit now & SIGN UP as a voter and vote for us~~~:D THANKS Friends!!

To sign up to be a voter:

See all the top 50 freshlook teams:

TQ for support!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Toshiba @ work @ play event

 Heyya,here us the booth of Toshiba event @ Mid Valley on 24 to 28 Sept. Really have fun working parttime here during my sem break. Nice to know all of the Toshiba lovely staffs, and 6 of us, the 6 pax of brand ambassadors.
Hera we are, 6 of us here.
Feel great to work with u guys and gals. Really have fun even just within 5 days with u all. Miss those days!
6 of us again. Thank to eddy and other staffs for arrange and guide us in these 5 days.
Renne and me @ play.Yea,what i mean "@ play" ?
U can see the booth group with 3 small booths. Two of them are actually design as an office environment and home feel environment. We are acting a skit(short drama) to explain how to work at home using Toshiba products and its technologies.

Joan and Joseph @ work. However they work in the office to show how convenient to do work by using Toshiba machine.

And we show the Voip connection with each other without internet connection.Cool right~Sem break was over and started my year 3 sem3 short sem now. Keep in touch ya friends....take care!