Thursday, April 17, 2008

thank goodbye

This is the only time we take photos together (before chinese new year) Finally i finish my 3 and a half months training at Executor [16 Apr]
very fast..ended my blurry training and months! wake up!!! maybe not enough sleep? i spend time in office until 6-7pm then do my own thing at night to midnight everyday. boring mad! but i think is a good training period..when chinese new year, i enjoy great meals with media owners and business partners and get RM200 angpau from boss. hmmm..nice izzit? haha..

The last hour of the day, i still final completing my things for Peter. Only two of us in the office at 7pm, he give me a speech and we chat.Well he is successful person and he tells me a lot of his experience. We leave office together and he fetch me back home around 9.

At the last day, unexpectedly i cannot bear to part for leaving. but i did weary of attending too. what is this? i don't know. Anyway thank to Executor. bye

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

S.H.E Endorses McDondald's

Although lose Bausch & Lomb but take-over Mc Donald's! ahaha~ im lovin it~ now!
Love this ad! sO hot So cool!! bye~ Lee hom, go ahead for Bausch & Lomb la! >P

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Experiment the SECRET..

[Breakapart] I learn this in photoshop top secret tutorials. really interesting! Just experiment the effect when nothing to do in office..wana change pc already, i want photoshop cs3 but my pc cannot support!sigh....

play play to make up myself.hehe

take this org pic in the morning. just wake
hope can learn more SECRET..

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


my another seat in office..just in front of boss room.whatever i did will be seen clearly through the window~but i like it though sometime (when he is not in)~~ is a good place to sleep compare with my original seat in front^^ more comfortable here :)

doing map (GPS) ..taken from "google map" , combine and make a big map. Its for presentation use. Crazy with it, like playing puzzle..@@ all day long...

painting the whole building outside~just take it for fun.

3 months passed by. what i really or expect to learn? [. . . . .] ''
just help to do some simple designs, help up abit like that lo~ erm...

i do my own thing there most of the time. toooooo free sometime.. i downloaded photoshop top secret at home recently and practice it during working hour when i free. That was really great! internship gotta end soon~16 april. yeah... V