Sunday, March 30, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

the Turn.

yea, this is the way i walk everyday to office as i showed before. i like just the feel of the street with the trees,plants and the wall. While this is just a very short distance as showned, but it grabs my attention.Sometime i will think and wish there are a special place or something after the Turn. What can u see? a lake? a flowery land? or a thousand miles deep precipice? The imagination behind might be very wide or even nothing, and i create this visual so that everyone can see it and think something with it. :)

its high..the little house on top of the red wall. looks nice.Anything behind? i think i have to go for a look though. but im late! its already 9 now! go go go...
next time next time, everytime next time XP

The texture wall with climbing plants i see along my way too. love it! Turn again, aww will see the building i hate but have to stay there for 8 hours time!! :(

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


push push ! push to let me continue. anything..
what the days or things makes me moody.  feel like don wana do everything, why!
damn boring in office!wtf..this is suffering!time goes by, day by day. and it pause my steps.  slowing my breath. ABSURD!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

touched me

images are speechless but your pictures says words, and they stick on me! unfortunately the word do not have language. no way to read, and it become no word after. under different moods they tells me differently. and yea, mood changed  sometimes while lookin at the them too, and they become neverending stories for me. i love them.

at the end of the day, your shadow's inspiration flutter around.

what can i do? still, do the things i should do, i wana do.

just feel something nestle up against.And you become the only in my mind in this period.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

First gorgeous blog

Todays' gorgeous! getting a blogging place at Blogspot.
its easy to create a blog but is hard for me to make it live.(never update)
many of my friends having their blog, written down stories,experiences,feelings or status of them.and i do create a blog at friendster(but outdated)
this semester going for internship for 3 and a half months. feel quite free without any sch assignment.just create this blog for p/s thx river. i have a specialize blog finally.haha

The place I having my internship, media execution company which doing media planning for advertising. My job was basically doing graphic illustration.

thats all in the office. so bored

i walked to office and back to home everyday.

the "one way"backstreet i walked over.

and will saw the building (e-business park@damansara intan) my destination at level 12. building on the bushes! lol.. it just takes me 15 minutes.

this is my place and i can see my home through the window.(the apartment:)

this is me in a cooling and boring place == start work! lol